‘From Declamatory Academies to Poetry Slams: Literary Declamation and the Art of Speaking in Germany, 1750-1900’

26 April 2019
Friday 26 April 2019, 17:30
Lecture Room, Campion Hall, Brewer Street

For much of its history, the term “declamation” has been something of a dirty word, synonymous with rhetorical excess and flamboyant gesture. Around 1800, however, the term was reclaimed by a generation of German intellectuals and performers who wanted to establish a more systematic approach to the art of speaking in public and promote the culture of oral reading outside of the theater. In this talk, Professor Dupree will present her current research on this transformative moment in German cultural and literary history and will discuss its larger implications for both media history and the history of rhetoric.

Please reserve your place by contacting sarah.gray@campion.ox.ac.uk

Campion Hall
Brewer Street
United Kingdom
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