Italian Poetry Today

4 November 2020
Wednesday 4 November 2020, 17:30

Emanuele Zoppellari Perale (Università di Torino), ‘An cor che l’è bocia ancora’. Giovinezza e morte nella poesia dI Giano Perale
Respondent: Professor Rodolfo Zucco (Università di Udine)
Chair: Dr Adele Bardazzi (University of Oxford)

On Wednesday 4th November (5:30pm, UK timezone), Italian Poetry Today will be delighted to host Emanuele Zoppellari Perale, who will be talking about, and reading from, the poetry of Giano Perale. Professor Rodolfo Zucco (Università di Udine) will join the conversation as respondent.
Emanuele Zoppellari Perale is currently a doctoral student at the University of Turin. Prior to this he studied literature and philosophy at UCL, Oslo University, and Ca’ Foscari in Venice. He writes for Il Tascabile and IL, and has worked for the Istituto dell’Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani. He is the author of a bilingual  collection of sonnets, ‘Sonnets/Sonetti’ (2017) and he has translated an essay on dandyism.
Join us for the second MT2020 session of Italian Poetry Today. In continuation with our 2019-20 programme, IPT aims to discuss, appreciate, and problematise the issues of contemporary Italian writing, in continuous dialogue with living poets, writers, translators, and scholars.
To join the session online, please follow this link on Zoom:

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