Ukrainian Literature and Culture

5 May 2022
Thursday 5 May 2022, 16:00-18:45
Main Hall, Taylorian

The event will include presentations by experts on aspects of Ukrainian literature and culture, live performances, a round table discussion, and contributions from the different languages in the faculty. I hope that as many of you as possible will participate for all or part of the event, to show our solidarity.

Booking is essential — please do so here.



4:00p.m. Welcome and short presentations on Ukrainian literature and culture by: 

                    Jack Clover, playwright and journalist  

                    Julie Curtis (Oxford) 

                    Sasha Dugdale, translator and poet 

                    Olena Palko (Birkbeck)  

                    Poetry readings by Ruslan Pavlyshyn 

5:00p.m. Ukrainian music performed by Philip Bullock and Alex Lloyd 

5:30p.m. Round table on Ukrainian culture featuring Jack Clover, Julie Curtis, Sasha Dugdale, Olena Palko and Ruslan Pavlyshyn, chaired by Jan Fellerer 

6:00p.m. Ukraine in poems (contributions from across the faculty’s languages)


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