Screening of "A poeta analfabeta - The Illiterate Poet" with Galician Film Forum

20 May 2022
20 May 2022, 19:00
Queen's College

The Illiterate Poet portrays a fascinating woman: Luz Fandiño. A poet, an activist, a feminist, a nationalist and a revolutionary. At 88, Luz is a living witness to the harshest realities of the twentieth century, as poor, migrant woman, as a roja . Luz is a brave woman, a deeply political person and a being with an exceptional humanity. How does the world understand this poet who, despite the trembling of her hands, writes every day? What moves her to make such an effort? What keeps her alive?

The Shulman Auditorium at The Queen’s College will host the screening of Sonia Méndez’s documentary, thanks to the work of the Galician Film Forum. The film will be in Galician with English subtitles.


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