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As a faculty, we deplore racism in all forms. We were shocked and saddened by the killing of George Floyd. We recognise that events in the US, as well as the pandemic, have highlighted racially-based discrimination and inequality, in the UK and worldwide, and have affected black people and people of colour profoundly, causing anger and pain. We stand in solidarity with them.

We recognise the crucial role which institutions of Higher Education can play in the ongoing process of combatting racism. Much still needs to be done, and we are grateful to our current and recent BAME students, who have been brilliant ambassadors for the university. But we also recognise that change needs to involve all, and that we need to listen and learn. We are committed to working towards greater representation of BAME students and staff, to education about unconscious bias, to continued diversification of our curriculum, and to research on colonial and post-colonial histories and literatures from the pre-modern to the present.

The Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages at Oxford will make every effort to promote and improve equality and diversity through both practice and education.