Towards a National Languages Strategy initiative

Professor Neil Kenny is the British Academy’s languages lead for the Towards a National Languages Strategy: Education and Skills initiative; the first UK-wide languages strategy in years, which looks at the economic cost of the UK’s linguistic underperformance. Those involved include The British Academy, the British Council, Universities UK and the Association of School and College Leaders.

Neil says: 

“Many students and staff in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages are already helping to boost the profile and take-up of languages in the UK. But how do our efforts fit into a bigger picture? And how can we increase them? A major new report, Towards a national languages strategy: education and skills, shows how. It outlines a practical blueprint for transforming the fortunes of languages—over the course of the next few years, but starting today. The report is the outcome of widespread consultation across different sectors, from primary education to universities. And it has been produced by an unprecedented coalition of organizations. Do have a look at it!”

More information can be found on The British Academy’s website.

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