2020-21 LIDL Year Abroad Prize Winners' Projects


The ten winners of the 2020-21 LIDL Year Abroad Prize have kindly shared with us the projects they will be working on during their upcoming Year Abroad. 


More information will be added once they have started working on their projects in Michaelmas Term. 




Lucy Kelly (German & English, Jesus) ‘Examining the progession of Germany’s LGBTQ culture: We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Über It.’


Natalie Perman (German & English, Jesus) : ’ Shticking to the story: life in the Jewish capital of Bavaria’ 


Bethany Molyneux (German & French, Lincoln) : ‘A cultural, literary and culinary adventure on my Year Abroad’


Alice Hopkinson-Wooley (German & French, Exeter)  : ‘Creating a bilingual ‘Tale Trail’ travel guide’


Kate Osment (German, St Anne’s) : ‘Imperial Germany’s International Image’


Rachel Herring (German & History, Merton) : ‘The presentation of political topics in the Stuttgarter region’


Rebecca Hopper ( German & French, Brasenose) : ‘The role of cultural and artistic exhibits in Austria’s Erinnerungskultur. To what extent was the Waldheim Affair a turning point?’


Cecilia Marchant (German , Wadham) : ‘Frauen & #MeToo: The representation of women in recent German TV shows’


Eleanor Zhang ( German, St Hilda’s) : ’ Film documentary on the relationship between the Berlin Wall and the city’s people’


Ivana Cholakova (German, LMH) : ‘Fiction, poetry writing and clay modelling course’



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