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We are delighted that the ‘Fundacja Rozwoju Edukacji i Szkolnictwa Wyższego’ (‘Foundation for the Development of Education and Higher Education’) has announced to offer support towards the study of Polish in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages.

The funds will be available to students on the BA degree course in Polish. The offer may occasionally be extended to students on other BA degree courses in Modern Languages who have selected Polish as a special paper option, and to graduate students on the M.Phil. in Slavonic Studies who take Polish as their new Slavonic language. Students can apply to obtain support towards their Year Abroad in Poland, or towards a summer language school at a Polish university or at another accredited institution in the country.

This very welcome and compelling new funding opportunity will be of great help for students to develop their Polish language skills, and to gain first-hand experience of Polish society, culture, and intellectual life. The support is an important new departure to foster the ties with Poland of Polonists and learners of Polish at Oxford University for years to come.