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Following from their OUP Selected Letters of Catherine the Great, Andrew Kahn and Kelsey Rubin-Detlev (now at USC) are pleased to see the launch of the pilot of the Digital Correspondence of Catherine the Great (CatCor).

Over the past 18 months, they have overseen a super team of research assistants (mostly postgraduates in MML) and worked with Huber Digital as funded by a major grant from the John Fell Fund and further support from the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and the Humanities Division.

With nearly 1,100 letters fully marked up, CatCor is a fully functional, cross searchable pilot. The resource now contains a critical mass of letters as well as much annotation. It also provided the most extensive inventory of the letters anywhere. Their total number remains elusive, with guesstimates placing the total between six and ten thousand, and CatCor's provisional set of metadata provides links to the print sources. New features include a visualisation tool and hyperlinks glossing names, places, events and objects mentioned in the correspondence.

For a fuller account, see here.