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Applications are invited for grants to support creative projects with a German theme, to be undertaken alongside the main activities of the Year Abroad.

Students who wish to enter this competition should submit a one-side description of a creative or scholarly project which they can undertake in a German-speaking country. They should also go into practical detail and costs, and give an outline of any preliminary planning or contacts. The judges will select the most innovative and exciting projects that have some connection, however tangential, to the student’s main subjects of study and/or their career plans.

Successful applicants will be given a grant of £100 to develop their plans (after consultation with appointed mentors) and may thereafter apply for up to a further £200 to cover anticipated costs. A maximum of 12 projects per year will be supported.

The deadlines for applications to this scheme are EITHER in 5th week of the Trinity Term before the Year Abroad OR 0th week of Hilary Term during the Year. The assessors recognise that it will be easier for students to know what may work once they are living in the country. In either case, successful applicants will be asked to report on their progress by Friday of 0th week of Hilary Term (for those who apply in the TT) or Friday of 0th week of Hilary Term (for those who apply in January) of their Year Abroad; and it is at this second date that they may apply for further funding, as necessary.

Successful applicants are required to maintain some sort of record (blog or vlog or other creative output) of their activities, and further prizes of up to an additional £500 will be awarded at the beginning of the academic year following the Year Abroad to the best vlogs or creative outputs. These may be posted, with the students’ permission, on the Faculty website.

Applications to be submitted c/o the Faculty Year Abroad Office, by Friday of 5th week of the Trinity Term before the Year Abroad OR Friday of 0th week of Hilary Term during the Year.
To be assessed by the German Heath-Harrison rep and the Webmaster for German.

Examples of projects:

1. Attendance at an art course in Berlin, devoted to the image of the city in the last 50 years.

2. Work for a charity helping refugees to give city tours in English.

3. A project on the art and sculpture of Ernst Barlach and its relation to his literary works,

undertaken at the Barlach Museum

Possible vlogs could include:

1) Conduct a Behind-the-scenes interview with the director of a play (cf. Tom Kuhn’s interview with Tony Kushner)

2) Develop a bilingual guided tour to a historical site (cf. Reformation at Oxford Walking Tourv)

3) Make a guidebook for a culinary journey into a regional cuisine with recipes (cf. a culinary journey through Northern German convents)

Before starting, make sure to familiarise yourself with best practice for creating media content at the Oxford Media Publishing Guide; useful guidelines for vlogging can be found here: “How to vlog