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Dr Holly Langstaff, Lecturer in French at St Edmund Hall, has published her new book 'Art and Technology in Maurice Blanchot', which is now available from EUP. 

The book reappraises Blanchot's writing from the 1940s to the 1980s, demonstrating how Blanchot's exploration of the question of technology remains decisive throughout his career. It situates his fictional and critical work in the context of his thinking of art as techne - as it develops out of Martin Heidegger's philosophy. While Blanchot follows Heidegger in the view that writing is a form of techne, he never appeals for salvation from the menace of technology in the modern era. Rather, he sees in all forms of technology the opportunity for a new way of thinking beyond value. This, Blanchot calls an entirely different sort of affirmation. 

The book is published under a new diamond open access pilot OpenUP. 

Please join Holly for a launch in the Old Dining Hall at St Edmund Hall on Thursday 30 November, 5.30-7pm.

Holly Langstaff book