French Film Competition 2013 - Results

A feast of narrative imagination and directorial invention!

With 179 entries from across 42 schools, the University of Oxford’s second French film essay competition received over three times more entries than in 2012, and from a greater number of schools and colleges. Equal to last year, though, was the very impressive range and richness of responses to the two set films: Comme une image (Years 10-11) and Un air de famille (Years 12-13). Entrants re-wrote the closing chapter, picking up narrative threads left hanging by each film’s ambiguous ending. So rich were the responses that, in addition to the winner and runner-up in each category, a selection of further entries were offered special commendation. To read more about the re-writings of each film, click here.

Read the winning essay in each age group: Jessica Harpin (Years 12-13) and Ella Bailey (Years 10-11).

The Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty congratulates all participants and expresses its gratitude to their teachers for supporting their entries. Particular thanks are offered to the French Embassy, Routes into Languages and the Sir Robert Taylor Society for their generous sponsorship of the competition.

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