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André Penafiel was a Clarendon Scholar during his DPhil; his doctoral thesis (2016) focuses on arguably the most important genre within medieval Galician-Portuguese lyric, the cantigas d'amor. He is currently a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow working on Camões's Os Lusíadas, the Portuguese national poem.


Portuguese poetry, from the medieval (thirteenth century) to the renaissance period (sixteenth century). Special emphasis on manuscript studies, printing history, codicology, bibliography, history of the book, versification and literary analysis. Dr Penafiel is also interested in comparative literature and has experience with medieval Occitan and Italian lyric poetry.

Presently, Dr Penafiel is preparing a monograph on the manuscript tradition of Galician-Portuguese and Occitan troubadour lyric.

Dr Penafiel's current project focuses on the first edition of Os Lusíadas (1572) and the sixteenth-century editions of this poem. It relies on material bibliography to trace the textual tradition of this poem and seeks to explain how António Gonçalves's printing workshop operated in the sixteenth century.

More about this project at:


Informal inquiries from potential graduate students are warmly welcome. Dr Penafiel is happy to supervise research in any aspect of medieval or renaissance literature, in Portuguese (solo) or in a comparative approach with other languages.

Undergraduates intending to sit Papers VI (Portuguese Literature to 1540), IX (Medieval Prescribed Texts) or who simply would like to know more about medieval or renaissance literature are also very warmly welcome to get in touch.


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