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Biography and interests

My passion for Medieval French language and literature stems from my undergraduate studies in French and German at Trinity College, Oxford. After graduating in 1995, I remained at Trinity for my M.St. and D.Phil., leaving to take up a lectureship at the University of Manchester in 1998. I returned to Oxford in 2013, to St Peter's College, where I had enjoyed my first medieval French tutorial some twenty years earlier.

My early research focussed particularly on comic and satirical literature, as exemplified by my books The Stereotype of the Priest in the Old French Fabliaux and Two Old French Satires on the Power of the Keys. Over time, I have become increasingly interested in traditional philology, in particular text editing and manuscript studies, and in Anglo-Norman language and literature, as reflected by my  editions of the Vie de seint Clement and The Abingdon Apocalypse. I attach particular importance to the study of less well-known or marginal texts, as a result of which my research has dealt with a diverse range of subjects including hagiography, Coronation orders, dance steps, and genital anthropomorphism. More recently, I have become increasingly interested in the lives of earlier philologists, particularly those whose careers are less well known.



Current work

  • Book: The Anglo-Norman Verse Psalter. A 3-volume edition of the hitherto unedited rhymed Psalter contained in London, BL Harley 4070, London, BL Add. 50000 (Oscott Psalter), and London, BL Arundel 230 [publication expected in 2024]
  • Article: 'Ore suy pris en trebuchet! (Hatton 82): the lament of a battered husband in medieval England'
  • Article: Edition and study of the Apocalypse texts in Lambeth 434 and Eton 177
  • Article: 'The revolting body or the body in revolt? The Old French fables of genital anthropomorphism'

Forthcoming projects

  • The Bibliography of Anglo-Norman Texts and Manuscripts (BANTeM): this will be a fully revised and significantly expanded online version of Ruth Dean and Maureen Boulton's Anglo-Norman Literature: a Guide to Texts and Manuscripts. Watch this space!
  • Project: Critical edition and study of the transmission of the French Prose Apocalypse
    A preparatory project involving digitisation and transcription of Anglo-Norman illustrated manuscripts of this text held in the Bodleian Library is being funded as part of the Digital Manuscripts Toolkit initiative
  • Studies of the life and letters of various late 19C / early 20C philologists, including Joseph Herz, Albert Stimming, John Matzke, and Amédée Salmon. I am also developing a project involving the correspondence between Paul Meyer and English ladies including Lucy Toulmin Smith, Ellen Oxenford, and a certain Tiddy.
  • Article: Edition of an unpublished 14C prose life of St Peter
  • Book: An edited collection of marginal obscene Old French texts


My undergraduate teaching is centred on medieval French literature (Papers VI, IX, XII), particularly of the earlier period, and medieval French language (Paper III). Topics that I cover include the chansons de geste, verse romance, fabliaux, lais, historiography, hagiography and further forms of 'religious' literature, and Anglo-Norman literature and language.

Graduate Teaching

My graduate teaching primarily involves Old French and Anglo-Norman literature and language.

I am delighted to receive enquiries from research students seeking supervision in all areas of medieval French and Anglo-Norman language and literature, in particular those coinciding with my research interests. Projects involving interactions with other Romance languages, Middle High German, and Middle English are very welcome.




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  3. La Vie de seint Clement, ANTS 64-67, 3 vols. (ANTS: London, 2007-10), xiv + 613 pp. [Awarded the 2011 Prix De La Grange by the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres]
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Peer-reviewed journals

  1. 'Bone chose: Anglo-Norman lessons from Old Testament lives (Harley MS 209) [submitted to Medium Ævum]
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Edited volumes

  1. 'Autour de la correspondance de Gaston Paris-Paul Meyer: la question de l’anglo-normand. Suivi par leur correspondance avec Johan Vising et Mildred Pope' [submitted for volume on Gaston Paris emerging from Cerisy-la-Salle conference]
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