Mr Gui Perdigão

Mr Gui Perdigão BA, MA (London)
Senior Instructor in Portuguese


Mr Perdigao’s research focuses on Brazilian Cinema with a particular interest in literary adaptation.

His doctoral thesis investigates Brazilian film and television adaptations of novels by 19th-century Portuguese author Eça de Queirós, with focus on the clash of discourses between hypo- and hypertext. His analysis brings to the fore the role of constructed affections in the adaptations, highlighting how heightened doses of humour, romance, and melodrama expressed through physical interaction impact the narrative and subvert well-established readings of the novels under focus. The thesis casts new light on the importance of affect in Brazilian film and television, establishing it as a major tool for the maintenance of dominant discourse; a visual and haptic representation of Brazilian cordiality.

His research interests also include Brazilian popular culture, translation, queer cinema, and Latin American cinema.


Portuguese Language (Grammar, Writing, and Oral)

Paper I (Prose Composition & Essay)

Paper II (Translation from Modern Portuguese)

Paper XII (Special Subject: Brazilian Cinema)

Paper XII (Special Subject: Latin American Cinema)

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