Dr Marta Arnaldi

Dr Marta Arnaldi, BA (Turin), MA (Pavia), MSt (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)
Stipendiary Lecturer in Italian, St. Anne's College, Oxford
Laming Junior Fellow, The Queen's College, Oxford
Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)



Modern and Contemporary Italian Poetry and Narrative; Comparative Literature and Criticism; Diaspora Studies; Translation Studies; and Medical Humanities. 

I have published articles at the intersection between literature and philosophy (Silone), philology and aesthetics (Biamonti), and on poetry and translation. My doctoral thesis – entitled ‘The Diasporic Canon. American Anthologies of Contemporary Italian Poetry, 1945-2015’ – focuses on the reception and translation of the Italian poetic canon in the United States. This project was fully-funded by an Arts & Humanities Research Council Scholarship (AHRC) and an Oxford Scatcherd European Scholarship. 


Italian language and literature, especially modern and contemporary Italian literature (FHS Papers VIII, XI and XII), and Prelims courses on the History of the Sonnet, Eugenio Montale, Giuseppe Ungaretti and Modern Italian Narrative. 

I also teach Essay Writing (FHS Paper I), Italian Prose Composition, i.e. translation into the foreign language (FHS Paper IIB), and the Italian Pre-Sessional Course to ab initio students. 


Academic Background

BA in Italian Literature: University of Turin

MA in Modern Philology: Borromeo College, University of Pavia

MSt. in Modern Languages: Magdalen College, University of Oxford

DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages: Magdalen College, University of Oxford

My academic education also includes two years of medical training at the University of Turin. 


Selected Publications

Academic Writing 

  • ‘ “No one’s mother tongue”. Intervista a Giulio Lepschy’, Autografo, 53 (2015), 165-174.
  • ’ “Un’altra volta, fuori di me’. Anthologisation and English Translation of Saba, Ungaretti and Montale in the Sixties and Nowadays’. To appear in Echoing Voices in Italian Literature. Tradition and Translation in the 20th Century, ed. by Teresa Franco and Cecilia Piantanida (New Castle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2017), forthcoming.   
  • ‘ “L’infinita prossimità. Michael Palma editor e traduttore di Giovanni Raboni, in La scatola a sorpresa. Studi e poesie per Maria Antonietta Grignani, ed. by Giada Mattarucco, Margherita Quaglino, Carla Riccardi and Silvana Tamiozzo Goldman (Florence: Franco Cesati Editore, 2016), pp. 399-405.
  • ‘Moving Wor(l)ds. Translation As Transformation in Poetry and Dance’, http://www.logiosjournal.org/index.php/logios/article/view/5 (2016)
  • ‘ “Color di lontananza”. Le forme del silenzio nei Poemi Conviviali di Giovanni Pascoli’, Quaderni Borromaici, 2 (2015), 7-20.
  • ‘Gli autografi inediti di Vento largo: il paesaggio dei sentimenti. Varianti e geografia dell’anima’, Resine, 141-142 (2015), 72-83.
  • Vento largo, evoluzione di una storia. Varianti dell’incipit e dell’explicit’, Autografo, 51 (2014), 31-61.
  • ‘Ignazio Silone o la passione morale. L’avventura d’un povero cristiano tra etica e letteratura’, blog.centrodietica.it (2010)


Itaca (Milan: Montedit, 2016). Elena Violani Landi Literary Prize and Jacques Prévert Literary Prize. 

‘Lontananze (I. Il sabato d città; II. Il paradiso del tempo; III. Metro-polis; IV. Inizio di una storia)’, Mosaici. Learned Online Journal of Italian Poetry, February 2016

‘Blu’, ‘Lontananza’ and ‘Neve’, in Enciclopedia di Poesia Contemporanea (Rome: Fondazione Mario Luzi, 2016), pp. 34-37. 

Narrative and Theatre

‘Nonò’, Inchiostro, 122 (2012), 14-15. Inchiostro Literary Prize.

‘Quando arriva il domani. When tomorrow comes’, in Amare la vita. Caratteri di donna. Racconti (Como-Pavia: Ibis), pp. 75-83.

For other works and publications, please visit https://oxford.academia.edu/MartaArnaldi

Conference and Seminar Papers

  • ‘Francesco Biamonti’s landscape of the soul. A philological reading of Vento largo’, Environments: Landscapes and the Mind, GLITS Conference 2015, Goldsmiths, University of London, Department of English and Comparative Literatures, 19 June 2015.
  • ‘ “That Way of Returning”. Anthologising the Poets of the Italian Diaspora in the US’, SIS Interim Conference, Trinity College Dublin, 29-30 April 2016.
  • ‘ “Viste da fuori”. The Canon of Contemporary Italian Women’s Poetry in Italy and the United States After 2000’, Women and the Canon, Christ Church College, University of Oxford, 22-23 January 2016. 
  • ‘Moving Wor(l)ds. Poetry & Dance’, Performance followed by QA discussion, AHRC-TECHNE Student (Un)Conference, Kinesis + Stasis, Barbican Theatre, London, 27 November 2015.
  • ‘ “Ricostruire la casa dell’uomo”. Renato Poggioli’s anthologies of exile’, Time to Translate. Translation in Time, Chiasmi 2015. Graduate Student Conference in Italian Studies – Harvard University & Brown University, Harvard University, Fong Auditorium, 24-25 April 2015.
  • ‘Exile and the Avant-Garde in Renato Poggioli’s poetry anthologies’, Post-Graduate Training Programme in Italian Studies, Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Studies, UCL, University of London, 15 May 2015. 
  • ‘After the war. English-language anthologies of contemporary Italian poetry, 1945-1950’, Postgraduate Research Seminars, University of Oxford, Subfaculty of Italian, Taylorian Institution, 15 February 2015. 
  • ‘Migrante per. In viaggio con Francesco Biamonti’, Francesco Biamonti: la musica delle cose, Centro Polivalente Le Rose, San Biagio della Cima, Italy, 11 April 2015.
  • ‘ “Fragments of a greater language”. English-language anthologies of contemporary Italian poetry from 1945 to the present’, Echoing Voices. Poetry Translation in 20th-Century Italy, University of Oxford, Taylorian Institution, 19 June 2014. 
  • ‘Memory and double-coding in Antonio Tabucchi’s postmodernist fiction’, Post-Graduate Training Programme in Italian Studies, Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advances Studies, UCL, University of London, 29 November 2013.

Other Interests

I like to write and dance, and to combine these two passions in various forms, especially in public engagement and outreach activities. My first collection of poems, Itaca, won two international literary prizes. I have also been recently awarded, with Distinction, the Certificate in Vocational Graded Examination in Ballet Performance by the Royal Academy of Dance. 

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