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The new interactive online learning environment for upper-intermediate and advanced students of Russian enables them to achieve the required level of precision, appropriateness and consistent control over the use of complex language structures through independent learning. It combines the following essential features:

  • Training in grammatical competencies at B2 and C1  level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • Rich choice of language tasks based on authentic data from the Russian National Corpus;
  • Constant automatic monitoring and immediate assessment of the learner’s progress;
  • Immediately generated feedback;
  • Immediate availability of individually designed teaching materials targeting the individual needs of the learner;
  • Stress-free independent learning at one’s own pace.

The project makes use of MOODLE software to help delivery of learning and assessment.


Alexander Krasovitsky (corresponding author:
Marina Samsonova
Maria Harff
Nick Harff

Funded by the Humanities Teaching Project Grant, University of Oxford, 2016-17 academic year.