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This page lists all archived research projects. Click here to view all current projects.

An interactive online learning environment for students of Russian

The online learning and testing system for upper-intermediate and advanced learners of Russian (B2–C1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) provides students with essential support in the acquisition of new language competencies and skills and in mastering the existing ones. The project is the first stage in the development of a comprehensive online training course in Russian grammar. The scope of this project stage is acute learning problems in one area of the Russian grammar, namely, the syntax of the simple sentence.

Ingenious Animation: François Rabelais and the Physiology of Invention

Rabelais remains the Renaissance poet of the belly. Pregnancies and births, urination and excretion punctuate the adventures of his giants Gargantua and Pantagruel. His style fits those themes. According to settled views among critics, the Rabelaisian belly and its related style signal either the comic crowning of our lower regions in the upside-down world of carnivalesque fiction, or humanist satire wielded against diseased body-politics: old universities, the Church.

Voices in Medieval French Narrative

The project brings together literary and linguistics specialists from the UK, France, and Spain to share methodologies in an interdisciplinary interrogation of the idea and manifestations of 'voice' in French literary texts from the twelfth to fifteenth c