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The Italian Research seminar is convened by DPhil students and brings together members of the sub-faculty at all levels (professors, researchers, and students), but everyone interested is welcome to attend. All of our events take place during term time, mostly on Mondays at 5.15 PM at the Taylor Institution Library.

Although the matters discussed are often examples of high-level research, the seminars are conceived to be accessible to everyone with some knowledge of Italian literature, allowing for a dialogue among specialists of very different areas of Italian literature, language, and culture. Our events range from ‘frontal’ seminars dealing with recent and ongoing research, to methodological roundtables, to book presentations, to workshops on various issues connected with graduate and postgraduate life.

We often host speakers from other universities from across the globe. In recent years, our speakers have included Profs Catherine Keen (University College London), Corrado Bologna (Scuola Normale Superiore), Morena Corradi (College University New York), Eva del Soldato (University of Pennsylvania), and Prue Shaw (University College London), as well as current and former members from our own faculty, including Profs Simon Gilson, Francesca Southerden and Giuseppe Stellardi, and Dr Serena Vandi.

We also often hold seminars in tandem with ISO (Italian Studies at Oxford), and occasionally with the Early Modern Italian Italian Seminar, Italian Poetry Today, and LEO (Leopardi Studies at Oxford).