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St Edmund Hall


On Saturday 27 April 2019, the first Oxford cycle of medieval mystery plays will be performed by students, lecturers, pupils and citizens from across Oxford and beyond, organised by the Oxford Medieval Studies Programme. This is a newly composed cycle of plays, using different medieval play cycles and languages. Modern Languages will provide two of the groups and plays: the Italian Reading group will perform Jacopone da Todi’s Lamentation under the Cross and the German Medievalists will enact the Harrowing of Hell in Middle High German. The text is taken from the Innsbruck Easterplay, a set text for Paper IX in German. At 12 noon, God will ring the chapel bell in St Edmund Hall before she announces from the Old Library window her intention to create the world. From there the story of mankind will unfold, with the Old Testament being acted out in the Front Quad (with stops at the well for the sacrifice of Isaac, and the Old Dining Hall for the Flood) and the New Testament taking place at various points around St Peter-in-the-East. This should be a creative multilingual experience – All welcome (free of charge) to join at any point during the afternoon! An interactive programme is available here. Read a blog post by Henrike Lähnemann, one of the Directors, on the background of the project.


P.S. There are still volunteering opportunities – if you fancy a free brunch and a bright tabard, do get in contact!