Philosophy Undergraduate Open Day

The Faculty of Philosophy will be holding an open day on Saturday 6th May 2017, which may be of particular interest to anyone considering studying Philosophy and Modern Languages at Oxford, especially those thinking of applying for the 2018-19 academic year.

Registration opens at 10.30am and the formal programme will run until 2.45pm, although staff and students will be available afterwards to answer questions.

The open day will take place at the Andrew Wiles Building (home to the Mathematical Institute) in the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, and anyone interested in attending should fill out the registration form before arriving in Oxford as there is only room for 150 attendees.

More information:

Philosophy and Modern Languages

A wide range of languages that can be studied as part of a Joint Schools degree with Philosophy:

  • Philosophy and Beginners’ Czech (with Slovak)
  • Philosophy and Beginners’ Italian
  • Philosophy and Beginners’ Modern Greek
  • Philosophy and Beginners’ Portuguese
  • Philosophy and Czech (with Slovak)
  • Philosophy and French
  • Philosophy and German
  • Philosophy and Italian
  • Philosophy and Modern Greek
  • Philosophy and Portuguese
  • Philosophy and Russian
  • Philosophy and Spanish

You will not be expected to have studied Philosophy before, but some background reading is highly recommended.

For more information about any of these programmes, please use the Course Finder and select ‘Philosophy’.

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