LIDL ‘Year Abroad’ Prizes


We are delighted to announce the second round of Year Abroad Prizes, kindly sponsored by Lidl, available to students reading German.

Prizes of up to £500 for creative projects to be undertaken alongside the main activities of the year abroad.


Students who wish to enter this competition should submit a one-side description of a creative or scholarly project which they can undertake in a German-speaking country. They should also go into practical detail and costs, and give an outline of any preliminary planning or contacts. Prizes will be awarded for the most innovative and exciting projects that have some connection, however tangential, to the student’s main subjects of study and/or their career plans. Typically, in the first instance £200 will be awarded; once the activity has started and a detailed break-down of costs is provided, additional funding can be applied for.

Attention: this is a call for students currently on their Year Abroad. There will be another round of applications (deadline in Trinity Term) for students going abroad in 2020/21. This is also the deadline for students on their Year Abroad who were awarded a prize in June and have already received a first installment of the prize money. They are entitled to apply for further money (up to a total of £500) with a detailed break-down of costs.

Successful applicants are required to maintain some sort of record (blog or vlog) of their activities and further prizes of up to an additional £500 will be awarded to the best vlogs or creative outputs from their projects. (Usually, £500 for best submission plus £250 for the runner up.)

Applications to be submitted c/o the Faculty Year Abroad Office, by 31 December 2019. To be assessed by the German Heath-Harrison rep and the Webmaster for German.

For examples of projects, look at the first round of award winners:

Sophie BAILEY (German & History, Christchurch) “Milch und Honig: Traditionen frisch gebacken”

Megan BLACK (German, St Hugh’s) “kiez.schafft: collective creating”

Arjuna KESHVANI-HAM (German & English, Worcester) “An Independent Publication: Mo MENTA”

Eve MASON (German & English, Queens)  “Es war einmal’: the revitalization of nineteenth-century German women writers’ fairy tales”

Josh PENOLLAR (German & Italian, Balliol) Sport & Sprache — Coaching Football for Underprivileged Children

Timothy POWELL (German & French, St Edmund Hall) “Deutsche Art steht über allen!”: An exploration of Hermann Stodte’s reception and translation of Walther von der Vogelweide’s poetry in the NS-Zeit.

Constance SIMMS (German, St John’s) “Hello to Berlin”

Before starting, make sure to familiarise yourself with best practice for creating media content at the Oxford Media Publishing Guide; useful guidelines for vlogging can be found here: “How to vlog

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