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To celebrate Black History Month, the Faculty recently ran a very successful research workshop, entitled ‘From Presence to Action: Black Africans’ Agency in Early Modern Spain’.

The workshop was organised by Dr Diana Berruezo-Sánchez (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow and CDF at Balliol College) and funded by the John Fell Fund. It gathered scholars working on the Black African Diaspora in Early Modern Spain (historians, historians of art, scholars of literature, musicologists and anthropologists), and explored the agency of black Africans living in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spain from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The speakers and scholars who contributed to a very fruitful discussion included the following: Dr Stephanie Cavanaugh (University of Oxford), Dr Alberto Del Campo Tejedor (University Pablo de Olavide), Dr Manuel Fernández Chávez (University of Seville), Prof Carmen Fracchia (Birbeck University of London), Dr Chloe Ireton (University College London), Dr Nicholas R. Jones (Bucknell University), Dr Reyes Lázaro (Smith College), Prof Elena Lombardi (University of Oxford), Prof Kate Lowe (Queen Mary University of London), Dr Giuseppe Marcocci (University of Oxford), Dr Clara Marías (University Complutense de Madrid), Dr Rafael Pérez García (University of Seville), Dr Josep Pujol i Coll (University Autònoma de Barcelona/ ESMUC), Dr Glyn Redworth (University of Oxford), Miguel Ángel Rosales (PhD Candiate at University Pablo de Olavide), Andrea Rueda (PhD Candidate at University Pablo de Olavide), Dr Cecilia Tarruell (University of Oxford), Prof Jonathan Thacker (University of Oxford), Noelia B. Torreblanca (PhD Candidate at the University of Salamanca), and Prof Elisabeth Wright (University of Georgia).

More details on the workshop can be found here.