Dr Maria Luísa Coelho

Dr M L Coelho, B.A. (Porto) M.A. (Porto) Ph.D. (Minho)
Camões Lector in Portuguese, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
  • Research

Luisa’s research sits in the field of Comparative Literature and is inherently interdisciplinary and transcultural, as it bridges the gaps between art and literature, Portuguese and English studies. She is also interested in gender and feminist studies and has published widely on British and Portuguese women artists and writers.

  • Teaching

All Portuguese language modules (translation, grammar, writing skills and oral skills).

  • Selected Publications

Coelho, Maria Luisa (2020), “Transnational, palimpsestic journeys in the art of Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos,” in Hilary Owen and Claire Williams (eds.), Transnational Portuguese Studies (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press), 91-108.


Coelho, Maria Luisa (2019), “O Mapa Cor de Rosa by Maria Velho da Costa: migration, dis-location and the production of unstable cartographies,” Portuguese Studies, 35:2, 199-215.


Coelho, Maria Luísa, and Claudia Pazos-Alonso (eds.) (2019). Portuguese Studies, 35:2 (special issue: Transnational Portuguese Women Writers).


Coelho, Maria Luisa (2017), “Woman-Body-Paint: Helena Almeida and the Visual Inscription of Sexual Difference,” in Luso-Brazilian Review, 57:1, 55-77. doi: 10.3368/lbr.54.1.55


Coelho, Maria Luisa (2017), “The Eccentric Self-portraits of Helena Almeida,” in Maria-José Blanco and Claire Williams (eds.), Feminine Singular: Women Growing up through Life-writing in the Luso-Hispanic World (Oxford; New York: Peter Lang), 311-40.


Coelho, Maria Luisa and Márcia Oliveira (2016), “On Appropriation and Craft: Considering the Feminist Problem of De-politicization,” in n.paradoxa: International Feminist Art Journal on Polemics/ Contestations, 38 (London: KT Press), 5-13.

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