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£15 (free for MML alumni)


Poet, novelist and Professor of French and Comparative Literature Patrick McGuinness has lived in Oxford since 1991. His recent Real Oxford is a new book about an old city, and a deeply personal exploration of the Oxford of breweries and factories, car plants, stations and wharves. He delves into the city's venerable football history and its unexpectedly radical politics, high-rise Oxford as well as High Table Oxford. There's European Oxford, Windrush Oxford, Cavalier and Roundhead Oxford. There's a global Oxford and a local Oxford. And there's Oxford's own population – the artisans, tradespeople and urban working-class whose city-centre suburbs were demolished as the City of Dreaming Spires took over.

This talk explores the relationship between Oxford's different communities and the spaces they inhabit.

MML Alumni can attend this event for free. Please email for the discount code before registering.