Professors part of Oxford Lieder Festival

Professor Philip Bullock and Professor Joanna Neilly are giving hybrid lecture-recitals as part of this month’s Oxford Lieder Festival’s Winter into Spring Weekend, taking place on 27th and 28th February 2021. The event is supported by the University’s KE Seed Fund.

The event information and booking details are given below:

Wilhelm Müller’s Die Winterrreise

Saturday 27th February, 5.00pm

In this talk, illustrated with musical interludes, Joanna Neilly will introduce the German Romantic poet Wilhelm Müller, and examine how and why his poetry continues to inspire writers across the world today, from East Asia to South America. The talk will also include an examination of Müller’s best-known poem, ‘Der Lindenbaum’, currently studied by first-year German students at Oxford.


The Beginning of Spring

Sunday 28 February, 1:30pm

Philip Ross Bullock looks at the rebirth of Russian lyric poetry and song after the death of Stalin in March 1953. Tracing how Soviet writers and musicians responded to the greater cultural freedom that were integral to the Khrushchev ‘Thaw’, he examines how lyric forms could respond to important contemporary themes in Soviet society. Philip’s talk is illustrated by performances of songs by Shostakovich, Sviridov and Silvestrov, performed by Helen Charlston, Oliver Johnston and Natalia Burch.

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